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New rounds of introduction?


I was just thinking recently that, in light of those recent AIM chats, I don't know who half of you are and, likewise, half of you (or more!) don't know who I am~ So, of course, re-introduction are required!

I'm Kaluin and I RP here as these four characters:

Tyr McDohl (feasts_on_souls) from Suikoden 1&2 (post-game)
Serah (pg_apprentice) from Suikoden 3 (pre-game)
Ted (soul_eaten) from Suikoden 1&4 (post-game)
Lazlo (sea_guardian) from Suikoden 4&Tactics (post-game)

My AIM s/n is on the contact list and I'm online mostly in late afternoons/evenings due to school. If anyone wants to poke me for RPing, they're welcome to do so~ :)

[Just be advised I might be lagging. I badly need to reformat my computer, but right now the mess I created last night requires my attention more.]
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