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New rounds of introduction?


I was just thinking recently that, in light of those recent AIM chats, I don't know who half of you are and, likewise, half of you (or more!) don't know who I am~ So, of course, re-introduction are required!

I'm Kaluin and I RP here as these four characters:

Tyr McDohl (feasts_on_souls) from Suikoden 1&2 (post-game)
Serah (pg_apprentice) from Suikoden 3 (pre-game)
Ted (soul_eaten) from Suikoden 1&4 (post-game)
Lazlo (sea_guardian) from Suikoden 4&Tactics (post-game)

My AIM s/n is on the contact list and I'm online mostly in late afternoons/evenings due to school. If anyone wants to poke me for RPing, they're welcome to do so~ :)

[Just be advised I might be lagging. I badly need to reformat my computer, but right now the mess I created last night requires my attention more.]
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Hey! Great idea! I don't know a lot of people myself!

I'm Jax! And I RP:

Yuber (shieldofchaos) from Suikodens I, II, and III (post Suikoden II, pre Suikoden III)
Luke fon Fabre (stfu_im_awesome) from Tales of the Abyss (mid-game)
Kyle (blondcasanova) from Suikoden V (post game)

When am I on? Pretty often actually. I'm on more during the days than at night, but I'm open to RP almost any time I'm on~ People can feel free to talk to me as well. I'm not as big a prick as 2/3 of my characters are.
XD Why IS it that you take pricks as characters, Yunyun?
Cause they're so much fun! At least a lot more fun than the goody two-shoes characters. Actually... I think I just end up liking jerks... Oops.
XD; But I like my goody two-shoe characters.
If we were to exchange characters for a weekend, I don't think I could do it, honestly. Hahahaha!

That'd actually be an interesting side project...

*fear the icon!*
...did you have to use a Cloud icon for that? X___X
I thought it looked a lot like Yuber... so yes? it's scary to me
Hello, I'm Psyche. I currently play Ion (seventh_ion) from Tales of the Abyss and Richard (burnyourmind from Xenosaga. Generally, I lurk online most of the day so feel free to contact me (mine raptured) if you see me on AIM. :D
I'm Aa/April, and I play as the following:

Porom of Mysidia (petit_paradigm) from Final Fantasy IV [post-game]

Tellah of Mysidia (mysidian_legend) from Final Fantasy IV [quasi-post-game. He was one of the characters that was killed in the game canon, but 'brought back,' to terrorize his son-in-law, Edward von Muir for weird purposes.]

I'm generally on duing the evening/night, due to work in the AM. Generally, any time for RPing is a good time for me, so long as I'm on AIM (via 'decurro ut sidus'). :)
My roomie! :D
Hi there! I'm Julie and I play, uh... five characters.

ligerchild, Arietta the Wild from Tales of the Abyss
kosmos_kpx, KOS-MOS from Xenosaga
whitevariant, Albedo from Xenosaga
_niklas, Niklas from Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time
jellyfishmay, May from Guilty Gear

I tend to be on during the afternoon or nights, and I'm generally free anytime I'm signed onto AIM. ^^
I suck at HTML.

Hallo, I am Star and I RP:
*Mai Shiranui (fatal_shiranui) from King of Fighters (still of undetermined time period, shh). I only RP one character, go figure.